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Thailand Beauties

This is Thailand beauties the place for all things Thai and beautiful. We follow Thai models and beauty contests from around the world. Thailand is the land of smiles  (LOS) for a reason.

Thai Beauty at its finest! THAILAND GIRLS are some of the most beautiful in the world.

Fashion in Thailand 

Every country of this world has its own traditions and culture which they are following from a number of years. Same is the case with fashion and standard of living as well. In Thailand, the fashion industry is progressing day by day with an immense speed and standard. The geographical stats should be considered about what to wear in a particular country specially in Thailand, where the climate mostly remains hot and humid. Fashion in Thailand is a very interesting thing to know because it’s so differencing fashion style in Thailand by difference region but most models are based in Bangkok and Bangkok is known as the leading fashion city of Thailand. Everyone wants to follow the fashion trends, Thai teenagers even working people like to follow fashion by looking at famous celebrities and their idols, most of them update new fashion trends from Europe and Asia. They urge to know which item is so hot, which item is out of fashion or trend because they want to be fashionable and modern with the aspect of time.

Clothing in Thailand

Conventionally, working clothes have been made of cotton, which is comfortable in Thailand’s hot climate, while silk was worn during festive and ceremonial occasions. An interesting thing to know that beetle-winged embroidery and mudmee, an ancient fabric dying technique and are associated with Thailand. In rural Thailand, some women wrap themselves in a single piece of cloth and some men wear a sarong to cover the bottom half of their body and wear nothing on the top.

One thing about Thailand is very famous that Thais are tolerant people and almost any clothing style is acceptable, some Thai dress smartly and fashionably others dress in jeans and shorts and shabby clothes. When the foreigners are concerned in this region, wearing shorts and jeans in Thailand is okay, but don’t wear clothes with holes or go without a shirt. It should be known that women in shorts skirts, jeans or tights, and men in short pants and informal clothes are common in the cities but may offend some people in the countryside. You should keep in mind also that shorts, exposed shoulders and short skirts are may be regarded unacceptable in some temples and despite their reputation for having an anything-goes attitude, Thais don’t like the public nudity or topless bathing displayed by foreigners or tourists.

Men wear a loose shirt or jacket and sarong or trousers. When working in their fields they often wear black calf-length trousers and a black shirt with a scarf tied around their heads. The clothes worn for festive occasions tend to more brightly colored than those worn when working.

Now let’s talk about women, women in traditional Thai dress wear a wrap-around sarong skirt called a prasin with a tight-fitting, long-sleeve jacket. In some northern areas a sash, or sabai, is worn over the left shoulder. Vendors and merchants wear brightly-colored prasins and loose-fitting, hip-length jackets, with blue being a particularly favored color. Women working in fields often wear black jackets and straw hats that look like inverted fruit bowls or the broad, conical ones favored in Vietnam as protection from the sun. Thai beauty is so much popular all around the globe and a reason behind its popularity is the clothing as well. Clothing and fashion are the major and vital representative of any region all around the world.



Thailand Beauty Pageant 2017


Fashion and Formal Thai costume

The formal dress of Thailand is named as Chut which is supposed to wear on various formal occasions. Although described and intended for use as a national costume, they are of relatively modern origins, having been conceived in the second half of the 20th century.

Few people know that woman in Thailand has traditional clothes by the graciousness of her majesty, Queen Sirikit, the queen of King Rama 9. She has the diligence to study about patterns of dresses that appeared since the days of the Sukhothai period until the Rattanakosin period, and she applies that lay out to set Thailand women’s dress styles to be the traditional clothes of woman since 1960. The Thai woman’s traditional clothes are called “Thai dress royally bestowed shirt”.

The meaning of Thai dress royally bestowed shirt is a national costume, which represents the tradition, culture, race, and identity of the Thai people clearly. The layout of the dress is from uniforms of the ancient Thai woman, such as Sinh, silk fabric, and Sbai in various styles. Most of Thai dress royally bestowed shirt still use the original layout but has been sewn and decorated to be appropriate with the present time.

Daisann McLane wrote in the New York Times: A “sense of classicism, simplicity, and attention to the quality of the fabric is a hallmark of the kinds of clothes being made by Thais today, says the artist and clothing designer Richard Tsao. Tsao, a Thai of Chinese descent, divides his time between Bangkok and New York. His exquisite jewel-toned ruched ladies’ jackets are made by hand in Bangkok from six meters of handmade silk; he brings them to New York City, where they are sold at the museum shop of Manhattan’s Asia Society. “In Thailand, we grow up with tailors,” Tsao says. “Knowledge of fine silks, of fine fabric is something that I absorbed from my mother, who loved clothes, and taught me what quality silk was. I think we care about that, still, even though most fashion nowadays is so mass produced.” Thailand’s rich traditions of arts and crafts are the key to its contemporary fashion scene, according to Tsao. “Hong Kong and Singapore are really more artificial city-states. Thailand has so many arts and crafts, and the Queen’s patronage of the traditional crafts has brought them back to life in recent years,” he says.

Thailand is renowned for its beauty pageants or organizing beauty contest to present the trends of fashion. Thai beauty has never set back and Thailand has also contributed in Big Four international pageants which are well-known in the world. Those pageants include “Miss Universe, Miss world, miss international and Miss Earth”. Thailand’s contribution in the world of fashion cannot be neglected.


Thailand’s effort in the Fashion Industry

Thailand is playing a great and vital role in the world of fashion industry, like this whole region including Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney too, are playing their roles in the fashion industry in a tremendous way. Most of the designers of Thailand are saying that we are looking ahead to see Thailand as the leader of the fashion industry in the region in coming three to five years.

The Fashion City project aims to establish Thai designers in the world of international fashion and provide a platform to develop Thailand’s garment industry in the high-value-added end of the business. Bangkok Fashion Week showcased the work of 30 top Thai garment designers. Success in promoting Thai fashion, said Somchai, the chief executive of At Bangkok, can provide the engine that helps Thailand’s garment industry shift from making garments for big brands and foreign retail chains to manufacturing original Thai designs.

Thai fashion is getting extreme progress with the time and is becoming the hub of creativity. Whether it’s about jewelry or clothes, the fashion in Thailand is touching the heights of success. There’s so much on sale clothes, jewelry, handicrafts, ”antiques,” orchids, pets and even army surplus – that you could spend all day here and still not hope to have explored everything the market offers. As for those who aren’t that keen on bargain-hunting, gawking at the mayhem and jostling with the locals is reason enough to visit. All the goods come at low prices that could go much lower, provided you bargain hard and prepare yourself for the claustrophobic sauna that the tiny inner alleys typically become after noon, and here’s a tip for good quality clothes and fashion accessories. For your kind information, bikinis, trunks, and typical resort wear are mostly worn by the people who visit Thai beach but other than such place, you are supposed to cover up all your body.

Fashion is still a young industry in Thailand compared to European countries, as its first brands appeared only about 25 years ago. Nevertheless, it has come a long way in the past few decades. Some of the local brands have already gained a worldwide recognition, while others are growing fast and going to enter the global fashion market soon. If you are looking for unique and eye-catching designer dresses in Thailand then following are some of the most popular names of Thailand.

  • Disaya
  • Something Boudoir
  • Kloset
  • Senada
  • Patinya
  • GreyHound
  • Tutti

All of these brands of Thailand presents all types of clothing whether it’s about party dress, formal dress, beach dresses or other types of clothing accessories. To be fashionable and to adopt modernization is so much important for a civilization to progress in a better way and to raise up their standard of living as well. Thai fashion industry is presenting new and innovative fashion & trends to its people and the foreigners as well.




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